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Directors Ian Balderston and Scott McCallum recognise that the only way forward to succeed and grow in the market place is by having total commitment to our customers’ needs and expectations, whether they are large organisations or individual members of the public.

This is achieved by co-ordinated teamwork and effective communications throughout our company to meet the objectives set out in our Quality Policy.

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Our thoughts are trained on what value means to our customers. Lower capital costs, lower operational costs, a faster program, leveraging new funding, demonstrable continuous improvement or skills development in the community. Whatever your criteria, we believe that by applying intelligence, creativity and rigor, we can deliver greater value on your project.

People often talk about a ‘value chain’ and we believe that is exactly what it is - a chain of people who play an essential part in creating a valuable outcome for the customer. We commit to long term relationships with the right suppliers, and our project managers are trained to get the best from those relationships to deliver the value back through the chain to you.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Select Facilities.

The experience and technical expertise we have gained over a long number of years is reflected by the list of services we provide. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction.

If you require any of our services please note, information, advice and civility costs nothing.


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